Distilleries & Brewing Equipment Suppliers

GDM Lindex can source a wide range of brewing filters, mixing equipment, and valves for your brewery.

GDM Lindex are experienced procurement agents for distillery & brewing equipment.

With the global brewery industry estimated to be worth £502 billion by 2025, demand for professional brewing equipment and factory machinery is ever increasing in demand. GDM Lindex are at the forefront of providing procurement solutions for brewery and distillery businesses of all shapes and sizes. From start-up microbreweries to global brands, we can help your team save time and money on equipment and machinery purchases.

From pumps, valves and electrical control equipment to PPE and material handling tools, our experienced in-house procurement team have the drive and passion to ensure your equipment is delivered on-time and on-budget. Give us a call to see how we can help your brewery business.

Distillery & Brewing Equipment Procurement

Distilleries & Brewing Equipment

Brewery Pumps


We can source popular brewing pumps to keep your brewery operations in full swing.
Brewing Valves


Valves are an integral part of the brewing process and allow accurate control of liquids.
Brewery Couplings


We can procure a wide range of couplings for brewery equipment machinery.
Brewing Controllers & Electrical Devices

Controllers & Electrical Devices

Keep a close eye on your product during the brewing process with electrical controllers.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment

Keep your brewing team safe from chemical spills and harmful liquids with PPE.
Materials Handling Equipment

Materials Handling Equipment

Reduce manual work and potential workplace injuries with material handling tools.
Brewery Filters & Strainers

Filters & Strainers

Filters and strainers are essential to ensure your end product tastes and looks great.
Brewery Mixing Equipment

Mixing Equipment

We can source professional mixing equipment for your distillery or microbrewery.

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