Airport & Seaport Equipment Suppliers

GDM Lindex can source a wide range of ground support equipment, lighting and security products for your business.

GDM Lindex are trusted airport & seaport equipment procurement specialists.

Modern airports and seaports around the globe need to be equipped with professional and quality equipment. The rapid evolution of technologies and continued growth of global passenger and freight travel requires sea and airports to be equipped with the latest up-to-date equipment and devices.

With over 30+ years in the procurement industry, our dedicated team has the experience required to source professional airport & seaport equipment. Our diverse range of product partners enables us to source equipment from around the world that is delivered to your airstrip or seaport, on time and on budget. From lighting, beacons tyres and security equipment to material handling and ground and sea safety devices, GDM Lindex can help you save procurement costs and valuable employee time.

Airport & Seaport Equipment Procurement Specialists

Airport & Seaport Equipment



Durable windsocks to indicate the direction and speed of the wind.
Sea Vessels


We can source a wide range of sea vessels for your requirements.
Air & Seaport Lighting

Air & Sea Lighting

Upgrade your air or seaport lighting to ensure maximum visibility.
Buoys & Beacons for Airports and Seaports

Buoys & Beacons

We can procure moored & drifting buoys + high visibility beacons.
Materials Handling Equipment

Materials Handling Equipment

Reduce manual workloads with professional material handling equipment.
Slings & Heavy Lifting Equipment

Slings & Lifting Equipment

Slings and lifting equipment increase air & seaport efficiency.
Tyres for Planes & Vehicles


We can source a wide range of specialist tyres for planes & ground vehicles.
Workshop Equipment

Workshop Equipment

We procure power and hands tools to benches and storage units.
Security Equipment & Devices

Security Equipment

Keep your airport or seaport safe and secure with specialist devices.

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