Water Fittings – Couplings, flange adapters etc.

November 17th, 2006

GDM Lindex supplies a full range of product to the Water Industry. Recently shipped was a large consignment of Maxi Couplings ranging from 50mm – 300mm.

Within this area we supply in addition to the couplings, flange adapters, repair clamps and tapping products. The product supplied and shown is Viking Johnson product. From our Website and the Web Links section you can enter directly into the Viking Johnson Website.

Furthermore in the Water Industry examples of our supply are ductile iron pipe and fittings, jointing sets, gate valves, air valves, fire hydrants, check valves, valve covers and frames, saddles and self tapping saddles, polyethylene pipe and fittings, penstocks, full range of pumps etc.

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