Sample of items supplied in the month. a) Police: Autolock Batons and holders b) Water Authority: Taldex Underpressure Drilling Machine – MKII & MKIII c) Water Authority and Public Works Department: Floor Saw d) Water Authority and Contractor: Self Priming Centrifugal Pump

May 17th, 2007

GDM Lindex Ltd has had a varied month in terms of product supplied. Product has been supplied for Electricity Utilities, Air and Seaports, Fire Services, Public Works, Sugar Corporations, Water Authorities, Police Service, Housing Corporations, Private Companies and individuals.

A small selection of items is shown below:-


Police Batons – B092 auto lock baton and the B130 holder supplied although all can be provided

Taldex MKII and MKIII under pressure drilling machines – as well as the machines parts can be provided

Floor Saw – Model shown supplied but variations available
Pump – Model shown supplied although variations available