Details of special projects and contractual work undertaken overseas with Engineers being supplied by GDM Lindex Ltd. Special projects in the month were sequentially numbered aluminium tags for a water meterization project (Quantity 56,000); printed sacks for produce to be exported overseas. Contractual work in the month was for an engineer to do the relining of a 502m cubed water tank

September 17th, 2006

GDM Lindex undertake special jobs on behalf of customers and will arrange engineers to undertake projects overseas. With reference to the latter engineers have been arranged to supervise major overhauls on large power station engines, roofing contractors for Power Station Buildings, supply and installation of a 20ton crab unit in a power station, installation of heavy fuel module at a power station, commissioning and set up of equipment for a Public Works Department, refurbishment of a water storage tanks etc.

Aluminium TagsAluminium Tag
56,000 Aluminium tags supplied for a Meterization Project across the island
Tags made to order (Size 50mm x 12mm x 0.9mm hole one end) and pre-printed with sequential numbers ranging from four to six digits for each route Wire to affix the tags and lead seals and tags were all supplied

Stitchable Sack

Customer required 2500 stitchable sacks for produce to be exported. Open Mouth block bottom Bag with a bleached outer.
Size: 50 x 76 x 13 cms Printed front and reverse (Black)
250 required delivered within two weeks airfreight with the remainder sent seafreight within the two week period.

Aluminium Water Storage Tank

Water Authority Customer had a Aluminium Water Storage Tank installed in 1997 which needed the liner replacing due to leakage. We arranged for a trained engineer to go out and remove and refit a new WRC butyl liner for the tank. The tank was 12.99m diameter and 3.9m high with a capacity of 502m cubed. The engineer with the assistance of three local staff undertook the work, and at the request of the Authority an additional 100m outlet was also installed. The project was undertaken over a six day work period.