Airport Lighting – Lighting and ancillary equipment for three helipads

July 17th, 2006

GDM Lindex has just supplied a customer with lighting and ancillary equipment for three helipads which are to be operated by the Department of Health for movement of people to the hospital. A list of all the equipment supplied within the project is attached as well as details on some of the product.

For Airports as well as the runway and taxiway lighting and signs plus windsocks, GDM Lindex can supply a large range of equipment covering baggage handling, security scanning equipment, arrival and departure lounge seating, generators, high security fencing, maintenance equipment (grass cutting etc), fire service equipment, tools, safety boots etc.

Constant Current RegulatorElevated LightInset Omnidirectional LightOmnidirectional LightWind SockdocumentEquipment List