GDM Lindex Ltd have just supplied a range of different Vokes filters to a Generation Plant

March 1st, 2012

We have just shipped a range of Vokes filters to a generation plant. We offer competative prices and do supply a number of generation plants with their Vokes filter requirements.

In addition to supporting the Electricity Utilities with their filter needs, we also supply across the major industries. EG: Agriculture, railroad, gas turbine, food and beverage plants, automotive, construction & mining, aviation, aerospace, waste water and sewerage treatment, hospitals, marine, office, hotel, restaurants, trucking, oil and gas.
The product range covers Air Intake Filters, Air Filters, Bag Filters, Cartridge Filters, Coalescers, Compressed Air Filters, Potable Water Filters, Dust Collection, Dewatering, Filter Presses, Glycol Conditioning and Recovery, Hot Gas Filters, Instrument Air, Chemical Filters, Lube and Fuel, Membranes, Oil Mist Eliminators, Hydraulic Filters, Oilywater Separators, Process filters, Spark Erosion, Sintered Filters, Strainers, Non Woven Fabric & Wire Erosion. The attachment below lists some of the major filtration manufacturers whose product we supply on behalf of our customers.

Filtration Information