Cold Milling Machine – Wirtgen W120F

January 3rd, 2014

GDM Lindex Ltd have ready at the dock to ship out this month a Cold Milling machine for a Public Works Department required for immediate use with their roads upgrading program. The Cold milling machine is a Wirtgen W 120 F.
This is a powerful cold milling machine with a milling width of 1.20 m, particularly suitable for rehabilitating large surfaces or for removing asphalt layers at full depth. The milled material is loaded via the two-stage front loading conveyor. Hydraulically folding support wheel as a standard feature. The machine can be equipped with either wheels or crawler tracks. The one we are supplying is on tracks as you can see from the photographs below. There is also a link to a video showing the cold milling machines in action.

Cold Milling Machines in Action