Details on bird and insect netting for crop protection. Also information on Polytunnels for crops and other uses.

April 17th, 2007

GDM Lindex Ltd has been working with farmers in trying to protect their crops against insects and birds. Trials are on going currently with Bird netting (See attachment Bird Netting – Product 2125) and Insect Netting (See attachment Insect Netting – Product 3350). Within the Agricultural area we can supply netting to cover all requirements from wind protection, shading through to support for climbing plants (See attachment Product Range).

In addition we are currently in discussion with Agricultural Departments and local farmers reference Polytunnels to achieve better yields and quality for certain crops. These can be supplied as standard between 6ft to 24ft width (in 2ft increments). Options are available with reference to ventilation, doors and methods of installation. For an example refer to the attachment Polytunnels.
Furthermore the Polytunnels can be adapted and specials provided outside of Agriculture for Animal Shelters, Swimming Pool Enclosures, Aircraft Hangars, Canopies and Multi-Spans. Many of the standard designs can be adapted to suit customer’s requirements, or alternatively the design of bespoke structures for particular environments can be undertaken.