Battery Operated Hydraulic Rescue Equipment for the Emergency Services

January 3rd, 2012

GDM Lindex Ltd attended the Caribbean Association of Fire Chiefs (CAFC) in Trinidad &Tobago for their exhibition and conference. Goto

Although GDM Lindex supply a full range orf equipment, clothing, regalia and vehicles to the Fire Service, the exhibition was used to specifically demonstrate a range of battery operated hydraulic rescue equipment.
On the last day of the show the Combi tool and 10 tonne cutter were used in a demonstration in cutting up a Mercedes estate.

Combi tool (Jaws of Life)

Rebar (Rod) cutter – upto 20mm diameter

4 tonne spreader, 10 tonne cutter, 6 tonne cutter, Forced entry tool, Stubby cutter & Rebar cutter 16mm

The Combi Tool and the 20mm diameter rod cutter are dedicated tools, but the other items are part of a modular system and the heads can be interchanged using the same pump.

Below is a word document giving an overview of the product. Please do not hesitate to call us if you want to discuss further.

Battery Powered Hydraulic Rescue Tools