Meet the IGLOW:-

This Sollatek unit is a robust solar light and charger for mobile phones. A well priced versatile unit it has a main light with 2 brightness settings and also a reading light with adjustable angle.
As well as being solar powered it can also be charged through any USB connection (by mains, car or computer USB port etc.).
With the unit is a 5 in 1 charging cable enabling you to charge your mobile phone.
This unit is a robust practical unit that can be used across industry sectors and also by the private individual.

Flyer for the product is shown below:-

GDM Lindex Ltd are the sole agent for this Sollatek product across the Caribbean region. See the link Partners

As well as this product other Sollatek power protection solutions are available (voltage switchers, suppressors, stabilisers, regulators, inverters and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). See the Sollatek website.

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