We have just supplied Festoon lighting to be used for celebrations as required through the year, whether it be for Carnivals, Christmas or special days etc.
The lighting taken is in 100-metre lengths, with each length having 100 sockets. Also, each length will have a tailpiece of half a metre which will have a waterproof cover on the end, which gives the option of either connecting lengths together or alternatively powering each length individually dependent on where they are located in the town.
The customer has taken black rubber cable but a green rubber cable is an option. Also, all required cable ties and straps for it to be hung from a catenary or similar supporting wire are included. The customer took LED lights in 5 colours (red, green, blue, yellow and white) with a plastic B22 base for minimal corrosion. Rubber seals are an integral part of the lamp holders for use in harsh environments and to stop water ingress. The rubbers are fixed inside each lamp holder and cannot be pulled out. They are made from long-life silicone rubber to negate ageing with heat or cold. The festoon is rated at IP55.
As well as the above plugin connect (pair) and extension cables were purchased.

If you have an interest in this product we can offer many options including rope lighting, icicle/curtain lighting, pea-light strings for trees and bushes as well as lantern sets.
Also, construction site lighting and accessories and inspection lighting can all be supplied.