We have reached our financial year end in April and would like to thank all our customers and suppliers for their support over the last year and we look forward to working with you n 2015/16 and beyond.
The final month of the financial year was busy with business in the Electricity, Water, Sugar, Brewery, Public Works, Police, Air and Seaport Industries, as well as private companies and individual customers. See attachment below for Product ordered/supplied in April 2015.

Product April 2015

The Electricity Utilities were especially busy with parts being supplied to support our customers Mirrlees engines as well as barring gear motors, air torque pneumatic actuators, radiator fan motors, engineers undertaking maintenance work on switchgear, harness, helmets and safety equipment plus stationary. See document below for areas we source and supply to our customers in the Electricity Utilities.

The Electricity Utilities

For information in 2015/16 we are also advertising in ZiNG, the magazine of the Caribbean Airline, Liat – see the link below and go to page 24!